Current StatusBottled Start Date15 September 2001
Honey11.5 pounds (Tulip poplar/wildflower blend) from Keith's bees
Fruit98 oz Blackberry Puree Acid Blend4 tsp
Yeast Nutrient6 tsp Grape Tannin2 tsp
Pectic Enzyme2 tsp YeastRed Star Côtes des Blancs
Initial Gravity1.086 Brix21
Potential Alcohol11.5% First Racking Date29 September 2001
Specific Gravity1.004 Bottling Date7 September 2002
My first attempt at making a melomel. Since I don't know what it is suppose to taste like, I will declare success. A melomel is a mead flavored with most fruits (not apple or grape, they have different names).
Since Keith provided me with honey for two batches of mead I decided to try something different. The blackberry adds a nice color and good flavor. This is a dry beverage (no sweetener added).
Blackberry Melomel front labelimage Blackberry Melomel back label
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