Current StatusBottled Start Date04 January 2009
Honey4.5 liters from Keith's bees Fruit49 oz Blackberry Puree
Fruit49 oz Red Raspberry Puree Acid Blend4 tsp
Citric Acid1 tsp Yeast Nutrient6 tsp
Grape Tannin3 tsp YeastRed Star Premièr Cuvée
Initial Gravity1.082 Brix21
Potential Alcohol11.5% Racking Date26 January 2009
Specific Gravity1.002 Bottling Date11 December 2011
Another melomel, this one a mix of two different berries.

Since Keith provided me with honey for two batches of mead I decided to try another melomel. Hopefully the blackberry and raspberry will blend well.

When I opened the bucket for racking there was a thick "foam" on top. I have never seen this before. There was a lot of "gunk" in the bucket thus there wasn't that much extra liquid for later use.

The final result is a smooth, easy drinking mead as would be expected.