Current StatusBottled Start Date6 November 2001
Juice6 gal raw apple juice Yeast Nutrient1 tsp
Pectic Enzyme1 tsp Tannin1/2 tsp
Sugar2 cups Initial Gravity1.054
Brix15 Potential Alcohol7.5%
YeastPasteur Champagne First Racking Date16 November 2001
Specific Gravity0.995 Bottling Date23 February 2002
The juice was purchased at a local store, it was unpasteurized and unpreserved. Preservatives (sorbate in particular) prevent the yeast from reproducing and can leave a bad taste behind. The sugar was added to increase the alcohol content to the desired 7.5%. The cider was bottled with 3/4 cup of sugar and more yeast.
The extra time allotted before bottling allowed the cider to be extremely clear before bottling. The addition of the extra yeast, though, clouded it somewhat and has lead to noticeable precipitation. It took longer than expected for the cider to carbonate and didn't achieve the expected level. This is probably due to the amount of sugar used.