Current StatusBottled (53 bottles) Start Date8 November 2003
Juice6 gal raw apple juice Yeast Nutrient1 tsp
Pectic Enzyme1 tsp Tannin1 tsp
Initial Gravity1.050 Brix13
Potential Alcohol7% YeastRed Star Pasteur Champagne
First Racking Date26 November 2003 Specific Gravity1.000
Bottling Date10 March 2004 Bottling Sugar7/8 cup
Bottling YeastRed Star Pasteur Champagne
The juice was purchased at Trader Joe's, it was unpasteurized and unpreserved. Preservatives (sorbate in particular) prevent the yeast from reproducing and can leave a bad taste behind.

The juice was used as is. No extra sugar was added. I added a bit more tannins this time around and am aiming for a relatively warm fermentation. Fermentation went well. Racked again 01 Feb 2004, very clear. I did pick up some sediment (as I always do) in the process. Added less than 1/8th tsp of metabisulphite. Tastes quite good.

Bottled! Used about 7/8 cup of sugar. Threw in extra yeast to help the carbonation process. I tried to rehydrate the yeast but that didn't go so well. I started it too late. In the past I hadn't rehydrated so I hope it will work out.