Current StatusBottled Start Date13 December 2005
Honey1 gallon Acid Blend6 tbs
Tannin6 tsp Yeast Nutrient10 tsp
Sugar2.5 cups Initial Gravity1.088
Brix21.5 Potential Alcohol12
YeastRed Star Premièr Cuvée First Racking Date22 December 2005
Specific Gravity1.042 Oak2oz, toasted Hungarian
Second Racking Date16 January 2006 Specific Gravity1.001
A traditional dry mead made from Keith's honey attempting to be more like a wine.

A standard, traditional mead. I used 2 2-liters of honey from Keith. It had a good amount of sugar but I decided to add more. I'm targeting a more wine-like style here so I pushed the potential alcohol up a little using white sugar. I added extra grape tannins to hopefully give it more body. I am going for a 75°F fermentation temperature.

It looks like the primary fermentation ran at about 70°F so it went slower than expected. I'll try to pump up the temperature for the secondary fermentation.

Secondary fermentation went well. I let it go a long time. It needed a few weeks. It is still very cloudy.