Current StatusBottled (25 bottles) Start Date24 September 2006
Honey1 gallon+ Acid Blend5 tbs
Citric Acid1 tbs Tannin4 tsp
Yeast Nutrient10 tsp Sugar1 cup
Initial Gravity1.082 Brix21
Potential Alcohol11.5 YeastRed Star Premièr Cuvée
First Racking Date01 October 2006 Specific Gravity1.032
Second Racking Date14 October 2006 Specific Gravity0.999
A mostly traditional dry mead made from Keith's honey. Some citric acid was added to give it a more refreshing taste.

A mostly standard, traditional mead. I used over a gallon of honey from Keith. It seemed somewhat watery which made it easy to remove from the jar but also meant I added a little sugar. I a little grape tannins to give it a bit more body. I am currently letting it ferment at room temperature.

Primary fermentation ran quickly. I don't know the exact temperature as we had wonderful weather that fluctuated by about 20 degrees during the week. For secondary fermentation I'm shooting for a temperature a bit above 70°F