Current StatusBulk Aging Start Date03 September 2007
Honeyapprox 1.5 gallon Acid Blend4 tbs
Yeast Nutrient10 tsp Ginger2 ounces
Cloves25 Oranges3
Initial Gravity1.104 Brix27
Potential Alcohol15 YeastRed Star Premièr Cuvée
A first attempt at making a metheglyn, that is, mixing spices with the honey.

This is an attempt to make a metheglyn. I am using a modification of recipes I found online. Approximately 1.5 gallons of Keith's honey was used, most from last year and some from this year. During the heating of the honey phase I threw in 1 tsp of Irish moss, about 2 ounces of grated ginger root, 25 whole cloves that I "crushed", the zest from 3 oranges, and the oranges after run through a blender (no seeds!). One mistake I made was including all of this early so I wasn't able to skim the white froth off the top since there was so much other stuff floating. I am letting it ferment at room temperature.