Current StatusBottled (26 bottles) Start Date01 January 2005
Wild Honey1 gallon Acid Blend2.5 tbs
Citric Acid2 tbs Tannin4 tsp
Yeast Nutrient10 tsp Initial Gravity1.066
Brix16 Potential Alcohol10
YeastRed Star Premièr Cuvée First Racking Date15 January 2005
Specific Gravity1.020 Bottling Date12 June 2006
A traditional dry mead made from wild honey.

Keith had to clear out a wild bee hive so he harvested the honey and sent it to me. I decided it would be best used for a traditional mead. Despite keeping the honey in the freezer for a month (as I couldn't start fermenting as soon as I recieved it) the honey was very thick and had to be heated just to get it out of the container. It was mixed with water, heated to 180°F, and held there for about 20 minutes. During this time a brown foam formed on the top which I skimmed off. After cooling and mixing with more water to get to about 6 gallons the acid, tannin, and yeast nutrient were mixed in. I did not have enough acid blend so I added extra citric acid. We'll see how this turns out. Finally it was placed in my water bath and the yeast was pitched. We are targeting about a 70°F fermentation temperature.

Notice that the initial gravity/brix/potential alcohol is somewhat low. The sugar content of the honey was lower than expected and typically desired. Being a traditional mead I decided to not mess with this so no extra sugar was added.

I'm running the secondary fermentation at a higher temperature. I'm shooting for about 75°F. Primary fermentation went slowly. There is still noticeable residual sugar in the mead. There was plenty of yeast in the bucket when I racked it.

Racked and tasted on 26 June 2005. Tastes a bit sweet. Not very complex but a pleasant taste. I'll still wait a bit before bottling.

This has turned out to be a mild, pleasant mead. It is best served slightly chilled. Because of the lower alcohol content it is easy to drink a lot of it!