Current StatusBottled Start Date20 January 2001
SourceBrew King Selection International Series, French Merlot. This is a premium wine kit with 16 liters of (slightly concentrated) juice.
Initial Gravity1.087 Initial Brix21.3
Potential Alcohol11.5% YeastPremièr Cuvée
Oak2oz toasted, French Tannin1 teaspoon
First Racking Date20 January 2001 Specific Gravity1.000
Second Racking Date18 March 2001 Bottling Date7 July 2001
This is one Brew King's premium wine kits. It has produced a good quality Merlot.
For the first time ever with a kit I had to add sugar to get the Brix up to an acceptable level. It is not clear why this was needed, though in the end the wine has not suffered by this addition.
Merlot front labelimage Merlot back label
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