Current StatusBottled Start Date14 January 2001
SourceBrew King Selection Estate Series. This is an ultra premium wine kit with 16 liters of (slightly concentrated) juice.
Initial Gravity1.093 Initial Brix22.5
Potential Alcohol12.5% YeastPremièr Cuvée
Oak2oz toasted Tannin1 teaspoon
First Racking Date19 January 2001 Specific Gravity0.996
Second Racking Date18 March 2001 Bottling Date18 August 2001
This is Brew King's ultra premium kit with juice from Lodi old vines. It has produced a high quality zinfandel.
It took the yeast a little longer than normal to get started. Once it did it fermented quickly at about 80 F. I left it in primary fermentation a bit longer than normal. The fermentation temperature was fine for initial fermentation. I now think the temperature should be lowered once the fermentation really gets going. I also think it is a good idea to actually do a secondary fermentation.
Old Vine Zinfandel front labelimage Old Vine Zinfandel back label
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