Current StatusBottled Start Date2 March 2002
SourceBrew King Limited Edition Selections, premium wine kit
Initial Gravity1.094 Brix22.5
Potential Alcohol12.5% Tannin1/4 tsp
YeastLavlin EC-M8 First Racking Date15 March 2002
Specific Gravity0.990 Bottling Date09 February 2003
Another wine made from a premium wine kit.
Since my previous juice supplier didn't tell me they weren't going to be getting juice in until was too late to get it from a responsible retailed I had to resort to using kits this year. I have had good success with the Brew King wine kits; I expect similar results here. Very little tannins were added, we will see how this turns out.
Oregon Pinot Noir front labelimage Oregon Pinot Noir back label
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