Current StatusBottled Start Date2 April 2000
SourceBrew King Selection International Wine Series. This is a premium wine kit with 16 liters of (slightly concentrated) juice.
Initial Gravity1.096 Initial Brix23.5
Potential Alcohol13% YeastPremièr Cuvée
Oak2oz untoasted Tannin1 Tbsp (but see discussion)
First Racking Date8 April 2000 Specific Gravity0.996
Second Racking Date26 April 2000 Bottling Date10 March 2001
This was my second attempt at quality wine. A good kit was used which was mostly juice and produce a very good wine.
Another wine made from a quality kit. Though my notes say I added 1 Tbsp of tannins, I doubt that, it probably was 1 teaspoon. 1 Tbsp would be quite a bit of tannins. In barrel tastings it has good color and flavor. The tannins have mellowed a bit already though are still strong. At bottling type the taste was still somewhat harsh. With time this has mellowed.
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