Current StatusBottled (25 bottles) Start Date19 January 2003
Honey1 gallon Grape JuiceSee Discussion
Acid Blend10 tsp Citric Acid1 tsp
Tannin2 tsp Yeast Nutrient4 tsp
Initial Gravity1.080 Brix20
Potential Alcohol11 YeastCôtes des Blancs
First Racking Date02 February 2003 Specific Gravity1.050
Second Racking Date01 March 2003 Final Gravity1.008
Bottling Date09 January 2005
Pyment is a mixture of honey and grape juice. It blends the original fermented beverage (mead) with its replacement (wine).
Once again Keith provided me with a gallon of honey. This time is was a light spring, mostly holly, honey. To this I mixed in some juice from previous wines. This include 750 ml of Old Vine Zinfandel, 750 ml of Pinot Noir, and 1500 ml of Malbec Shiraz. Primary fermentation went very slowly. I fermented it at room temperature which might not have been the best decision. For secondary fermentation I used the water bath and kept the temperature 10-15 degrees warmer. After transferring it started fermenting much more quickly, the yeast were happy with my choice. Despite this, the final gravity is still larger than expected. There does appear to be some residual sweetness, but fermentation does seem to have completed.

At bottling I had to add a lot of metabisulphite. It had sat so long aging that most of it was gone. It still has a bit of a syrupy aftertaste that should diminish with time.

Pyment front labelimage
Front Label