Current StatusBottled Start Date16 August 2001
Honey11 pounds (Tulip poplar/wildflower blend) from Keith's bees
Acid Blend3 Tbsp Yeast Nutrient5 tsp
Grape Tannin1 3/4 tsp YeastRed Star Côtes des Blancs
Initial Gravity1.071 Brix18
Potential Alcohol10.5% First Racking Date7 September 2001
Specific Gravity1.004 Second Racking Date6 October 2001
Specific Gravity1.004 Bottling Date30 August 2002
Sweetener300 ml wine conditioner
My first attempt at making mead. Since I don't know what it is suppose to taste like, I will declare success. This mead has been well received by early tasters.
Since Keith provided me with honey I decided to try making mead, the original fermented beverage. Mead making is a mixture of beer making and wine making. For this mead I stuck with an uncarbonated, sweetened version. Originally it seemed to be over sweetened, but in the end everyone who has tried it has enjoyed it.
Sweet Mead front labelimage Sweet Mead back label
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