Current StatusBottled Start Date7 October 2000
SourceLodi Gold (pure) juice, 6 gallons. Initial Gravity1.090
Initial Brix22.25 Potential Alcohol12.2%
YeastPremièr Cuvée Tannin1/2 tsp
Metabisulphite1/8 tsp First Racking Date10 October 2000
Specific Gravity1.011 Second Racking Date21 October 2000
Specific Gravity0.994 Oak2oz med toasted (French)
Racked off oak19 November 2000 Bottling Date5 April 2002
This is my first attempt at making wine from real juice (along with a zinfandel). Primary fermentation went very quickly. One month on oak seemed to give a good amount of flavor. A relatively small amount of tannins were added.
This wine was allowed to bulk age a long time before bottling. Too much metabisulphites were added at bottling. They will dissipate with time. The wine does not have the body I was expecting. Perhaps this is related to fermenting at too high of a temperature.
Cabernet Sauvignon front labelimage
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